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  • Balázs
    I have tried many ways to quit Smoking all to no avail. Cigarettes were my friends and I always came back to him. However, the spray NicoZero turned my body. I gave up Smoking easily and even felt aversion, thanks to which for several months did not smoke.
  • Máté
    I smoked for 24 years, but thanks nicozero I finally managed to quit. I can't imagine how bright life can be without this horrible breath, yellow teeth, cough and grumpy attitudes that do not smoke. Many times I tried to quit, but only spray nicozero proved to be effective.
  • Zsófia
    Started Smoking because it was fashionable, and was sure that at any moment can give up cigarettes. But no, a bad habit has sucked for years. It's not like no family, no me, but there's nothing I could do. Not yet tried NicoZero. I quit after a month, and now I'm satisfied.
  • Dávid
    Among the known ways to quit Smoking such as gum, patches and books NicoZeroin my opinion, is the only effective. I believed it and gave up Smoking in just three weeks, without experiencing stress. For more than a year I don't feel the desire to smoke.
  • Petra
    I see now that it was foolish to start Smoking. How much money and health have been wasted. If not NicoZeroI probably would smoke so far. This spray helped me to easily give up your dependence. I have not smoked for 8 months, and I'm sure will never return to this habit.
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